Ghost, 2018, Glass, 36x32x21cm
Installation view, Nut Case, Noga Gallery, 2018
Installation view, Hayot, Noga Gallery, 2018
Armor, 2018, aluminium cast in black sand, 45x37x27cm
sleeping smoker head, 2018, white cement, coal and wax, 27x22x30cm
Twins, 2018, green glass, 31x34x16cm
Shahar Yahalom, untitled#5, monoprint, 50x35cm, 2016
Shahar Yahalom, untitled#4, monoprint, 50x35cm, 2016
Shahar Yahalom, untitled #3, monoprint, 50x35cm, 2016
Shahar Yahalom, Thorn, Monotype, 60x45cm, 2015
Walter Benjamin: Exilic Archive, installation view, Tel Aviv Museum,2015
Neri & I, Monotype on Blue paper, 70x63cm, 2015
Cannibals, Woodcut print (monotype), 50x50cm, 2015
Shahar Yahalom, Hayot, Monotype, 60x53cm, 2015
Self Portrait, Plaster Headstones, 120x85x45 cm, 2015
Irish Flag (Detail), Plaster Headstones, 87x125x40 cm, 2015
Garden, Plaster Headstone, 110x60x37 cm, 2015
Animal Animal, Plaster Headstones, 110x105x125 cm, 2015
Scalper, Ink & Spray on Blue paper, 190x130cm, 2015
Ahal Testicles, Monotype, 60x53 cm ,2015
Smoking Portrait, Black spray on the wall, 87x100cm, 2015
Shahar Yahalom, MFA Installation view, 2014
Ed, installation view, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, 2012
Neris head (self portrait), photogravure print, 25x20cm, 2014
Shahar Yahalom, Untitled, Pencil on paper, 30x22cm, 2012
Shahar Yahalom, Untitled, Pencil on paper, 30x20cm, 2012
Shahar Yahalom, Untitled, Pencil on paper, 16.5x23cm, 2012
Gottesdiener Winners, installation view, Tel Aviv Musuem ,2010
Gottesdiener Winners, installation view, Tel Aviv Musuem ,2010
-80, installation view, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, 2009
Shahar Yahalom, 80, installation view, noga gallery, 2009
-80, installation view, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, 2009
Pier, Installation View, (Nerosta, Neon Lightbulb and Transparent Paper), 2007
Untitled, Wood and Industrial Paint on Glass, 250x150x110cm, 2007
Untitled, Wood and Industrial Paint on Glass, 250x150x110cm, 2007
Shahar Yahalom, Untitled (ed of 6), Color Print, 42x75cm , 2006
Winging Scapula, detail, polyester, transparent paper & needles on glass, 2006

Shahar Yahalom


Shahar Yahalom was born in Kibutz Ein Dor in 1980. She lives and works in Tel-Aviv.


The work of Shahar Yahalom deals with fundamental principles of art: image, material, shape, color, size and their expressions in various media such as sculpture, drawing, print, photography, video, and sound. Yahalom uses the most easily accessible, and often simple, materials. Consequently, objects from the studio often coexist with elements from one’s personal, everyday life; yet, they always undergo a slight adaptation. The results are elaborate, detailed, and at times willfully spectacular – in a way that can connote late Romanticism as much as it may Arte Povera. These objects take the viewer’s consciousness to faraway places filled with dream-like, fantastic, and romantic experiences.


Yahalom hones the traits of her works by seaming together sculpture and drawing, by drawing closer to the monochromatic color range of blacks and whites, and through her use of gothic, landscape, and aquatic images.  The sculptural environments she creates can be seen as an experience of becoming: objects and processes explored and displayed as a dynamic, fluctuating state, rather than static and unequivocal. This holds true both if one thinks of the aesthetic economy of the work, and of its set up.


In her recent exhibition Shahar Yahalom presented painted plaster sculptures and drawings. The underlying principle of the drawing was a work based on memory while avoiding looking at the painted objects, which gave the painterly scene an archetypical feel. The sculptures – a group of tombstones, on which drawings were imprinted – formed a mysterious environment, which together with the drawings, stressed the enigmatic aspect of the installation.


The work of Shahar Yahalom has been displayed in solo exhibitions, including: The City Gate, Herzliya Biennale in 2009 and The Raspberry Land, Shortlist Exhibition, Israeli Art Prize 2011, Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation, Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Her works were also featured in group exhibitions, including at the Art Museum, Beijing; Columbia MFA graduates show, New York; Neiman Gallery, New York; Marco Museum, Rome; Aran Cravey Gallery, Los Angeles; The University Gallery, Tel Aviv University; The Michael Adler Collection and Israeli Post-Minimalism in the 70s and in Contemporary Art, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art; and ART TLV 2009, Tel Aviv.


Shahar Yahalom has received numerous awards, including the America Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship in 2006-07.

Shahar Yahalom
Born, Israel 1980
Lives and work in Tel Aviv


2014 MFA Columbia University – Visual Arts
2006 B.Ed.Hamidrasha School of visual art, Beit Berl College


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Blunt Liver, Museum of Bat Yam, Israel
2019 The Garagelab, Dusseldort, Germany
2019 Livers, Odile Ouizeman Gallery, Paris
2019 One Piece, Kabri Gallery, Kibbutz Kabri, Israel
2018 NUT CASE, Noga Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2015 “Animals”, Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2012 “Ed”, Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 “Dry”, Culturescapse, Basel, Switzerland
2011 “The Raspberry Land”, Tel Aviv Museum, Israel
2009 “-80 degrees Celsius”, Noga art gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2007  “Pier”, Noga art gallery, project room, Tel Aviv, Israel


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 Meshalya, Hansen House, Jerusalem, Israel
2021 Being with the Animals, Minus 1 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2021 Nonfinito, Artport, Tel Aviv, Israel
2019 Dont Call Me Red, The Print Studios, Jerusalem, Israel
2019 Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Israel
2019 Binyamin Tribe, Beit Binyamini, Tel Aviv, Israel
2019 Tripolet, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2018 Barbarans, Mamuta, Beit Hansen, Jerusalem, Israel
2018 Night Light Art Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel
2018 Contemporary Local Print, Jerusalem Print Workshop/ The New Gallery Artist’s Studios Teddy/ Musrara School’s New Gallery, Jerusalen
2018 Black, Ralli Museums, Caesarea, Israel
2017 The Paper’s Back, Atelier Shemi, Kibbutz Cabri
2017 Gomlei-Data, Hansan House, Jerusalem
2015 “Partial Presence”, Zabludowicz Collection, London
2015 The Armory Show, New York
2014 “Drawn”, Inside Out Art Museum, Beijing, China
2014 Aran Cravey Gallery, Los Angeles
2014 Columbia MFA graduates show ,New York
2014 “Pale fire”, Neiman Gallery, Columbia university,New York
2013 First Year MFA Exhibition, Wallach Gallery, New York
2013 Macro museum, Rome, Italy
2012 Rutgers gallery, New Jersey
2012 “The great playwood”, Zommer Art Gallery,Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 “Alaska school”, Hamidrasha gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 “Friday”, Hanina gallery,Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 The Armory Show, New York
2009 “What does sculpture want?” Bezalel gallery,Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 “Lilies”, Herzelia, biennale,Herzliya, Israel
2009 “Universal circus”, Art TLV Biennale,Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 “The fall”, Beit panorama,Tel Aviv, Israel
2008 “D.I.Y”, Herzliya museum Herzliya, Israel
2007 “Manoa”, Minshar art gallery,Tel Aviv, Israel
2007 “Haaretz art festival”, Jaffa port,Jaffa, Israel
2007 “Rhythm”, Holon technology center,Israel
2006 “Haaretz” art festival, Riding Tel Aviv, Israel


Prizes & Scholarships

2020-1 Artport Residency Program, Tel Aviv
2019 Joshua Rabinowitz Foundation
2019 Bronner Residency Program, Kunststifung NRW, Dusseldorf, Germany
2017 The Ministry of Culture and Sports Prize in the category of creativity encouragement
2014 sharpe-Walentas Studio Program
2013 Israel Artists Fund Recipient, Columbia University School of the Arts
2012 Young artist prize, ministry of culture, Israel
2006-7 America Israel Cultural Foundation
2006 Excellency scholarship, Beit Berl Collage

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Shahar Yahalom, Canibals, woodcut print (monotype), 50x50cm,2015

Shahar Yahalom, Coconut , Hydrocal, 121x66x20 cm, 2015

Shahar Yahalom, Vegans, Still from video Animation, 2014

Shahar Yahalom, Entrance, Ink On Paper, 40x30cm, 2014

Shahar Yahalom, Columbia University, installation view, 2014