Stairs, Oil on canvas,120X150 cm 2017
breakfast, Oil on canvas,100x150 cm,2016
dinner table, 150x120 cm, oil on canvas, 2016
juliette 1, oil on canvas,65x50 cm.2016
juliette 2,oil on canvas, 65x50 cm,2016
take me in your arms, 50x60 cm, Oil on canvas,2016
untitled,50x65 cm,2016
untitles,50x65 cm,2016
vitrage, 50x65 cm,2016
before dark, 100x150 cm,2016
bed time, 70x100 cm, oil on canvas,2016
The red room, Oil on canvas,70x100 cm,2016
juliette! Oil on canvas,120x120 cm,2015
Oren Ben Moreh, fountain, Oil on Canvas, 100x150, 2013
Oren Ben Moreh, Gate, Oil on canvas, 100x150cm, 2013
Oren Ben Moreh, Kitchen window, Oil on canvas, 150x190cm, 2012
Oren Ben Moreh, Booth, Oil on canvas, 60x50cm, 2012
Oren Ben Moreh, New arrangement #2, oil and oil pastel on paper, 110x150, 2012
Oren Ben Moreh, In the Dark, Pastel on Paper, 109x150cm, 2011
Oren Ben Moreh, Stained Glass, Pastel on Paper, 150x190, 2011
Oren Ben Moreh, Stop, Pastel on Paper, 100x150cm, 2011
Oren Ben Moreh, Black Magic, Pastel on Paper, 70x100cm, 2011
Oren Ben Moreh, Drawing Room, Pastel on Paper, 107x120cm, 2011
Oren Ben Moreh, Fire, Pastel on Paper, 70x100cm, 2011
Oren Ben Moreh, Flowers, Pastel on Paper, 150x150cm,2011
Oren Ben Moreh, Kitchenette, Pastel on Paper, 100x150cm,2011
Oren Ben Moreh, The Spies, Pastel on Paper, 110x130cm, 2010
Oren Ben Moreh, The Green Room, Pastel on Paper, 100x150cm, 2010
Oren Ben Moreh, Chairs and Tables Oil Pastels on Paper, 100x150cm, 2010

Oren Ben Moreh


Oren Ben Moreh was born in Israel in 1982. She lives and works in Tel Aviv.


Oren Ben Moreh’s interest lies in the fantasy-like aspect of the painting, in the way it functions as a universe of imaginary associations along with muted meanings: a screen of reflections where space, depth, and color are realized into an internal vitality. Paintings that, at the same time, reveal and hides it own internal process.


Her early series of paintings featured cinematic images which drew her attention for their fantasy and delusional aspects. Interested in the relationship between cinema and painting, she finds both enable illusory space, but the cinematic medium, as opposed to painting, provides movement and narrative. In her paintings one could find only traces and sparks of the cinematic experience: empty spaces before or after an event, portraits, abandoned landscapes and motives of plant life.


Her intention is not to reflect the reality or to be faithful to a particular image but to transfer her spiritual insights onto the rigidness of the oil pastels, as the form and content of the painting are strongly bound together.
The oil pastels and sticks paintings on paper create an intense and compressed surface, forming an atmosphere of mystique that emerges from the action of painting itself.


Ben Moreh creates the oil pastels to work in a manner resembling the process of sculpting. The outcome is very compress, sensual, and emotional, as the form and content of the painting are strongly bound together. In her recent series of paintings she used repeated strokes of oil paint. The works’ subject matter and the technique in which the paintings were executed complement and emphasize one another


Oren Ben Moreh participated in solo and group exhibitions, including Five Young Artists, Artists Studios, Tel Aviv in 2008; Fresh Paint Art Fair for Israeli Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv in 2009 and 2010; and Italy – Israel, Senses of the Mediterranean, Hangar Biocca, Milan in 2011.


Ben Moreh has been awarded the Excellence in the Arts Award by HaMidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College.

Oren Ben Moreh
Born in Israel, 1982
Lives and works in Tel-Aviv


2004-2008 Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College, Israel (with honors)


Solo Exhibitions

2018, The Visitation, Tel Aviv Artist House
2017, Deep Feelings, Noga Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014 Frontier, Noga Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2012 Velvet walls, Kibbutz’s Beeri Gallery, Israel
2012 Motel, Noga Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 Island, Project Room, Noga Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2007 Panda Bear, The New and The Bad gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 25 years to Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2013 Space shuttle 2, various locations around Tel Aviv – Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel
2013 Deadwood, The Artist’s Studios, Tel Aviv, Israel
2013 Passive Aggressive Expressive, The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University, Israel
2012 Location- Home, various locations and homes around the city of Umm el-Fahem, Israel
2012 Other place, Feinberg Projects, Tel Aviv, Israel
2012 Planty, Minshar School of Art gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 Solar Eclipse, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 Italy – Israel, Senses of the Meditteranian, Hangar Biocca, Milan, Italy
2011 Nine Monkeys People, Passage Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 Painting Camp 4, Ramleh Station for Contemporary Art, Ramleh, Israel
2010 July, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 Evet, Midrasha gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 The Fall, Panorama house, Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 Deep South, Darom gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel
2008 Heaven, Noga gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2008 Five Young Artists, Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv, Israel
2008 Graduate Exhibition, Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl, Israel

Scholarships and Awards
2012 -2013 Artist-Teacher Award, Ministry of Culture and Sport, Israel
2008 Excellency prize, Ha Midrasha School of Art, Israel
2004-2008 The Israeli Ministry of Education Outstanding Achievement Award

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