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אור אחרון 35#50 סמ 2021
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December 26, 2020

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הילה טוני נבוק פני שטח 02,
February 21, 2019


דינה שנהב, מנוחה, ספוג ואקריליק על קרטון ביצוע, 2008
February 21, 2019

November 30, 2015

Toony Navok,Untitled (Sign #2), Manipulated drawing, Digital print, 120x35cm, 2015

Ori Gersht , Pomegranate, Still from video, 2006

Toony Navok, With the Wind, With the Water (Surrounding Drawing), Video Performance, 2015

Nevet Yitzhak, War Rug 2, still from video, 2014

Mosh Kashi, Ash Dreamer, Oil on Canvas, 2014

Ori Gersht, Matreial 11, Archival Inkjet print, 170x130cm, 2014

Nogah Engler,Upside Down Mountain, Oil on Canvas, 60x50cm, 2007

Joshua Borkovsky, Pilgrimage, Mixed Media & A Gold Leaf on Fabric, 50x50cm, 1982

Talia Keinan, Fountain (Detail), Mixed Materials, 170x80x75cm, 2004

Talia Keinan, Tear & and X-Ray Tear, Mixed Media, 40×30 cm, 2014

Alexandra Zuckerman, Two mountains with cave, 2012, 119×84, pencil on paper

Talia Keinan, Donkey, Still from video

Matan Ben Tolila, Blue Horse, Oil on Canvas, 155x85cm, 2015

Keren Cytter, Video Art Manual

Still from video, 2011

Shahar Yahalom, Canibals, woodcut print (monotype), 50x50cm,2015

Ori Gersht, Liquid Assets video, Still from video, 2012

Orit Raff, Untitled (Shirt),120x100cm, Archivel Pigment Print, 1997

Ori Gersht, Blow Up, Untitled #01, 240x180cm, 2007

Ori Gersht, Far Off Mountains & Rivers, 152x230cm, 2009

Shahar Yahalom, Coconut , Hydrocal, 121x66x20 cm, 2015

Michael Halak, The Usual Suspects, Oil on Canvas, 40x30cm each, 2010

Ori Gersht, fusion-02,Archival Inkjet Print,40x30cm,2014

Toony Navok, Skip, Metal poles, Jump ropes, Laces, A shoe, 160x220cm, 2012

Keren Cytter, Rose Garden , Still from video, 2014


Ori Gersht, Virtual 02, Archival Inkjet print, 200x180cm, 2014

Nevet Yitzhak, Warcraft video, Still from video, 2014

Talia Keinan, Fountain,Video loop, 2008

Orit Raff, The End of Mr Y, 65x80cm, c-print,2013

Shahar Yahalom, Vegans, Still from video Animation, 2014

Naomi Leshem, Kristina,Archival Pigment Print,92x92cm, 2006-2010

Nogah Engler, 2012, Belongings 4, oil on board, 60×80 cm

Nevet Yitzhak, Sun before Sunset,still from video, 2013

Talia Keinan, Dror, Chalk And Ink On Paper, 29x21cm, 2014

Ori Gersht, Falling Bird video, Still from video, 2008

Keren Cytter, Der Spiegel, Still from Video, 2007

Nevet Yitzhak, A Great Joy Tonight, 2009, instalation view

Shahar Yahalom, Entrance, Ink On Paper, 40x30cm, 2014

Keren Cytter, Video Art Manual, still from video, 2012

Ori Gersht, Ghost series (Olive 20), C-Print, 120×150 cm, 2014

Ori Gersht, Blow Up Series (untitled 4), C-Print, 240x180cm, 2007

Ori Gersht, The Offering, Exhibition view 2014

Ori Gersht, Afterwars series (Bookmarks), C-Print on Aluminum, 150x120cm, 1998

Orit Raff, Freedom,65x80cm, c-print,2013

Ori Gersht, Still from the Big Bang video, 2006

Naomi Leshem, installation detail,Der Mensch erschafft seinen Gott, 2014

Alexandra Zuckerman, Witch Girl,Animation Still, 2014

Keren Cytter, Rose Garden, Still from video, 2014

Matan Ben Tolila,No strings attached ,Oil on canvas, 128x160cm, 2013

Amikam Toren, Frieze New York, installation view, 2014

Shahar Yahalom, Columbia University, installation view, 2014

Alexandra Zuckerman, After The Moon, 2013, Pencil on paper, 118 x 94 cm (each)

Toony Navok, SURROUNDINGS 008, photography,2007

2011 135x200 cm screen,oil on canvas

Matan Ben Tolila, Screen, Oil on canvas,135×200 cm, 2011

Matan Ben Tolila,Raft,150×185 ,2014,oil on canvas

Naomi Leshem, Midbar13 Archival Pigment Print, 80x80cm ,2013

Michael Halak, Olive, Olive Oil and Oil Press, oil on canvas, 180×120 cm, 2014

Nevet Yitzhak,Schneckentempo, Sequence 36, still from video, 2007


Michael Halak,fragile, oil on canvas, 40x30cm,2011

Keren Cytter, Home, detail, ink on paper, 2013

Naomi Leshem, Centered, Installation view, courtesy of Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York

Hilla Toony Navok, A Hose, metal grid, metal elements, scotch, PVC fabric, 2013

Orit Raff, The Glass Room,65x80cm, c-print,2013

Nevet Yitzhak,Belly Boat,still from video,2013

Installation view, courtesy of Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

Talia Keinan, The Mountain, Last Watch, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, 2010, Painting on wall and video projection

Ori Gersht, Will You Dance For Me, 2011, two channel installation


Keren Cytter, Mop Vengeance, 2013, Pillar Corrias Gallery, London

Four Corners of The World, installation view

Michael Halak,King of the Jews, 2011, Oil on Wood, 60x60cm

Joshua Borkovsky,From the Vera Icon cycle 2, distemper on gesso on wood, 120x80cm,2010-11

Talia Keinan, Flower, 2012, mural and video projection, 48x160cm