Mosh Kashi / Corpus

Opening: 02/03/2023   Closing: 29/04/2023   Gallery Talk: 10/03/2023

PURPLE STORM D-120cm 2023
BLUE SPECTRUM 300cmx120 cm 2023
ROUND LANDSCAPE D-120 cm 2023 Not Framed
CRIMSON CORE 50cmx35cm 2023
CRIMSON CORE D-49 cm 2023
CRIMSON ICON D-60 cm 2023 C
OVAL PANORAMA 112cm x69cm 2023
VANISHING POINT D-95 cm 2023 Not Framed
CRIMSON CORE D-60cm 2023

Mosh Kashi’s solo exhibition includes an impressive body of work created from Kashi’s consistent pictorial research in recent years. For the first time, we witness a sharp color turn that goes beyond the color scale that characterized Kashi’s previous works, along with a shift to panoramic and round formats – moves that lead the show to new realms.

The exhibition includes meticulous oil painting and subjects that have become identified with Kashi’s themes, the nature and the universe in all its cosmic elements: the cycles and the one-off events captured in the painting, like a photographic snap-shot.

The constant tension between the trivial and the sublime in Kashi’s paintings receives additional expressions in these works, in which a large-scale universe converges into circular formats with refined color palette where only a tiny glimmer of light from the darkness indicates the possibility of an infinite space around. In the large-scale works, a reversal – a tiny horizon point becomes a monumental panorama.

The large and small formats complement each other and merge into a harmonious show in the exhibition space, creating the possibility of capturing the random and the ephemeral into a pictorial reality. Kashi’s perception of painting is an open invitation to an imagined encounter between the viewer’s consciousness and the painting mystery.