Talia Keinan, Gili with a glass flower, Mixed media, 30x20cm, 2007
Talia Keinan, Gottesdiener Prize exhibition, Installation view, Tel Aviv Museum, 2008
Untitled 3, 2018, Mixed Media, 50x35cm
Talia Keinan, Tea, 00:35' from 05:34', 2004
Talia Keinan, Last Watch, Installation view, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, 2010
Talia Keinan, untitled #2, oil & sand on canvas, 40x30cm, 2016
Black angel, 2012, oil paint, sand and pigment on canvas, 120x90cm
Talia Keinan, untitled #5, mixed media on canvas, 180x240cm, 2016
Talia Keinan, Wooden Cube, Ink, oil and charcoal om paper, 110X107cm, 2009
Talia Keinan, The Cage, Video and painting on the wall, 130X100cm, 2009
Talia Keinan, The Cage, 02:00', 2009
Talia Keinan, Water hunter, Ink on paper, 30x20cm, 2007
Talia Keinan, Walking distance, installation view, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, 2004
Talia Keinan, Untitiled #15, mixed media on canvas, 30x40cm, 2016
Talia Keinan, The Mountain (Last Watch), Painting on wall and video projection, Installation view, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, 2010
Talia Keinan, Skating, 02:00' from 07:27', 2006
Talia Keinan, Wind Blowing on Curtain, Oil and Canvas, 33.5x43.5cm, 2009
Talia Keinan, Ayman, Colored chalks on paper, 25x25cm, 2013
Talia Keinan, Untitled #31, Pencil on paper, 21x15cm, 2007
Talia Keinan, untitled #3, mixed media on canvas,19x5x14cm, 2016
Talia Keinan, Walad el jiran, Colored chalks on paper, 25x25cm, 2013
Talia Keinan, Record Player, Wooden panel, rubber, water, twig and feathers, 46x37x20cm, 2010
Talia Keinan, Untitled #10, mixed media on paper,126x90cm,2016
Talia Keinan, Sweet Potato, Ink on Paper, 29x21cm, 2009
Talia Keinan, Crown, Mixed Media on Paper, 70x50cm, 2009
Talia Keinan, untitled #1, oil & sand on canvas, 40x30cm, 2016
Talia Keinan, Degree show, Installation view, Bezalel Academy, 2003
Talia Keinan, Burning wood, Mixed media on paper, 24.5x34.5cm, 2010
Talia Keinan, Gottesdiener Prize exhibition, Installation view, Tel Aviv Museum, 2008
Talia Keinan, Ketem, 02:00 from 02:50', 2005
Talia Keinan, Ketem, video installation, Haifa Museum, 2007
Talia Keinan, A Thought on A Stone, Installation View, 2014
Talia Keinan, Armadilo, Pencil on paper, 30x20cm, 2003-2004

Talia Keinan


Talia Keinan was born in 1978 in Israel. She lives and works in Tel Aviv.


Keinan’s works strive to create a place for themselves, to create themselves as a place. The various elements she uses – drawings, objects, and video projections – come together to form a setting which is a place; a place where things happen, primarily – magic.


Keinan uses light as a material: somewhat like James Turrell, she sets out to transform light into an element with distinct presence in her works, ostensibly tangible like the gravel or the pencil on canvas. One of her video pieces depicts a man digging in the ground, pulling out a string of lights; another video depicts a donkey whose head is in a bucket. The general atmosphere of the works renders even this prosaic sight a poetic image. Strings of lights could emerge from this bucket, just as much as from the ground.


Through light and sound, Talia Keinan transforms her body of work into a place, which could be characterized as a deserted place off the main road. The viewer-visitor to the place is engulfed by a strange feeling that things operate by themselves; things that do not necessarily maintain a narrative sequence coexist side by side. The story, if one insists on composing it, is spawned by the way in which all the various details are sheltered under a cyclical veil of light and darkness.


Talia Keinan’s works are in constant flux, while her use of materials and media engages with the realm that lies between reality and fantasy. The space she creates can be viewed as a world of its own, where sound unveils an obscure memory, and a video projected on a drawing conjures up imaginary places. The materials are transformed, as a narrative emerges from the objects. An internal mechanism grants vivid life to the place and shares the sensational emotion of an invented and autonomous world.


Talia Keinan graduated from Bezalel MFA program in Tel Aviv in 2004, and from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem in 2003 (with honors). During her undergraduate studies, she also participated in the student exchange program at the School of Visual Art in New York.


Talia Keinan has had many solo exhibitions, including: Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel, 2003; Art Statements, Art 37 Basel, Basel, 2006; Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation, Israeli Art Prize – shortlist exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2007; The Mountain and the Shivering Fact, Goch Museum, Goch, Germany, 2010; Artists Studio Kalisher, 2014.


Her works were shown in numerous group exhibitions, such as: Good Night, Israel Museum, Jerusalem in 2012; Works from the Museum Collection, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2011; New on Paper, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2011; Zulu, Nahum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv, 2011; 2008    Art Focus, Jerusalem (curator: Ami Barak); Real Time, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2008; Herzliya Biennale, 2007, Inside-Out: Contemporary Artists from Israel, Museum MARCO, Spain 2006;  Dreams and Trauma – Moving images and the Promised Land, House of World Cultures, Berlin  2005; Vanishing  Point, Hidden Beauty in Contemporary Art, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (curator: Susan Landau), 2005.


She has received numerous prestigious awards, amongst them the Wolf Foundation, Anselm Kiefer prize for young artist 2006, and the Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation – the Israeli Art Prize 2007.


Keinan’s works are included in the collections of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Haifa Museum of Art; Goch Museum, Germany and in significant private collections in Israel and worldwide.

Talia Keinan
Born 1978, Lives and works in Tel Aviv


2004-2005 M.F.A. Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Tel Aviv
1999–2003 B.F.A. Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem
2003 Student exchange at School of Visual Art New York


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Fracture, Wilfrid Museum, Hazorea, Israel
2016 Fire Bag, Noga Gallery of contemporary art, tel aviv
2014 A Thought on a stone, Tel Aviv Artists House, Tel Aviv
2012 Orbital Resonance, “Hahanoot”, Tel Aviv
2011 Riccardo Crespi,Leave the little light on when im coming back home at night, Milano, Italy
2010 Last Watch, Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010 The mountain and the shivering fact, Goch Museum, Germany
2008 Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
2007 House trip the “Sonderaustellung” of Art Forum, Berlin
2006 Art 37 Basel, Art Statements , Swiss
2004 Walking Distance, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2003 Herzliya Museum for Contemporary Art, Herzliya


Group Exhibitions

2019 Alles Museum 2, Goch Museum, Germany
2019 breathing space, wilfrid Museum, Israel
2019 25 years to noga gallery of contemporary art, tel aviv
2018 Recovery Plan: Join or Die, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
2018 Summer Signs, Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture, Tel Aviv-Yaffo
2018 Above and Beyond-The Snake’s Dream, Mekudeshet Festival,Jerusalem
2017 Women Workers’ Movement, Beit Uri & Rami Nehostan Museum, Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov
2017 Nothing But Longing, Void Gallery, Derry, Ireland
2016 The 6th Drawing Biennial, The Artist House, Jerusalem
2016 Nordart 2016, Kunstwerk Carlshutte, Budelsdorf, Germany
2015 Coverings, Kupferman Collection, Israel
2015 Birthday, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2015 A Donkey Diary, The Museum of Islamic Art, Jerusalem
2015 Kunstaus Israel (art from Israel), Kunst museum Mulheim, Germany
2014 The Moon Is A Wound In The Sky, Haagaf Gallery, Haifa
2013 The eye of the black bird , artist house, Tel Aviv, Curator: Irena Gordon
2012 Habitat, Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 Another Place, Findberg Project Gallery, Curator: Yam Hameiri
2012 Misunderstood Part 1 – Tast, Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv , Curator : Jasmine Datnow
2012 La Bas, La Mep, Paris, Curator: Marie Shek
2012 Good Night, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2011 Electricity Garden, Contemporary Gallery, Curator: Neomi Aviv
2011 Works from the Museum Collection, Tel Aviv Museum
2011 On the Paper Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2011 Road to nowhere, Ashdod Museum, Curator: Dr. Aya Lourie
2011 Hakiboots yad mordehay, Curator: Ravit Harary
2010 Nature and Destiny, Ricardo Crespi Gallery , Milan
2009 was, but in another place, Hakibbuts Gallery, Curator: Yael Kainy
2009 Zulu Nahum Gutman Museum Tel Aviv, Curator: Tali Tamir
2009 Mind the cracks!, Collages from the Museum and other Collection, Tel Aviv Museum
2008 NEUES SEHEN – Young Israeli Art, Bremen, Germany
2008 Mani House Collection from the Israel Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
2008 Art Focus, Jerusalem, Curator: Ami Barak
2008 Privet landscape Washington
2008 Depletion works from the Doron Sabbag Art Collection, Tel Aviv Museum
2008 Sighn of life Beit Ticho, Jerusalem
2008 Real Time the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2008 Present Perfect Asbaek, Denmark
2007 Herzelia Bianale
2007 Come thou Beauty, University of Haifa, the Art Gallery, Curator: Ruti Director
2007 Ministry of Culture Prizes for Art, Petah Tikva Museum of Art
2006 Inside-Out: Contemporary Artists from Israel”, Museum MARCO, Spain
2006 Fatamorgana, Haifa Museum, Curator: Tami Katz Fraiman
2005 Dreams and Trauma, – Moving images and the Promised Land, House of World Cultures, Berlin
2005 Art Forum Berlin, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Berlin
2005 Israeli Art, Reading Power Station, Tel Aviv
2005 It’ll cost you…, Kathleen Cullen, Fine Arts, New York
2005 New Faces, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2005 Bezalel, degree show for MFA program, Tel Aviv
2005 Vanishing Point, Hidden Beauty in Contemporary Art, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Curator: Susan Landau
2002 Bezalel Academy Art Gallery, Jerusalem
2001 Pyramid Gallery, Haifa


2003 Elhanany foundation award for excellence
2004 Givon Price for young artist, Tel Aviv Museum
2005 Wolf Foundation, Anselm Keifer prize for young artist
2007 Gottesdiener Prize, the Israeli art prize 2007


Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
Haifa Museum, Haifa
Goch Museum, Germany

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Talia Keinan, Fountain (Detail), Mixed Materials, 170x80x75cm, 2004

Talia Keinan, Tear & and X-Ray Tear, Mixed Media, 40×30 cm, 2014

Talia Keinan, Donkey, Still from video

Talia Keinan, Fountain,Video loop, 2008

Talia Keinan, Dror, Chalk And Ink On Paper, 29x21cm, 2014

Hilla Toony Navok, A Hose, metal grid, metal elements, scotch, PVC fabric, 2013

Talia Keinan, The Mountain, Last Watch, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, 2010, Painting on wall and video projection

Talia Keinan, Flower, 2012, mural and video projection, 48x160cm