Joseph's Dreams, 2018, Acrylic and spray paint on wood, two panels, 60x48x3cm Each
Ornament, 2018, Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 80x60cm
Golden oriental background,2018, Acrylic an spray paint on canvas, 120x80cm
Jossef Krispel, Untitled, Oil on canvas, 120x150cm, 2011
Jossef Krispel, Bible stories, Oil on canvas, 110x130cm, 2007
Jossef Krispel, David's escape, Oil on canvas, 100x80cm, 2006
Jossef Krispel, Untitled (David), Oil on canvas, 81x65 each part,diptych, 2013
Ornament reversed sunsets, 2018, spray paint on canvas, 70x40cm each
Jossef Krispel, Display (Getty museum), Oil on canvas, 160x180cm, 2009
Jossef Krispel, Display (Watteau), Oil on Canvas, 105x88cm, 2010
Orient Express, 2018, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 60x80 cm
Vertical, 2018, Spray paint on Wooden Shelf, 60x20x3cm
Jossef Krispel, FUCK YOU ANDY WARHOL, Reproductions on reproduction, 76x30cm, 2012
Orient Express,2018, acrylic and spray paint on paper, mounted on wood, 66x50cm
Jossef Krispel, Untitled (Minotaur and woman after picasso), Oil and canvas, 65x54cm, 2013
Jossef Krispel, Man in front of a mirror, Oil on canvas,151x121cm, 2010
Jossef Krispel, Meir Hospital Petach tikva, installation view, 2014
Installation view, 2018, Microsoft Israel
Back Setting, 2018, Metal mirror and spray paint, 96x73x6cm
Hunted Lioness on Cardboard, 2018, Spray paint on cardboard, 80x130cm
Jossef Krispel, Stone thrower, Oil on linen, 35x35cm, 2002
Jossef Krispel, Untitled (David), Oil on canvas, 54x65cm, 2013
Jossef Krispel, Untitled (Elvis 2), Oil and acrylic on canvas, 115x85cm, 2013
Jossef Krispel, Untitled (Elvis), Oil and acrilic on canvas, 100x120cm, 2007
Jossef Krispel, Untitled (Elvis), Oil on canvas, 130x170cm, 2013
Jossef Krispel, Untitled (heros), Oil on canvas, 130x85cm each part, diptych, 2013
Jossef Krispel, Untitled, Oil on canvas, 130x150cm, 2011
Jossef Krispel, Untitled, Oil on canvas, 170x200cm, 2011
Jossef Krispel, Untitled, Acrylic on canvas, 70x60cm, 2007

Jossef Krispel


Jossef Krispel was born in Israel 1974.Lives and works in Tel Aviv. In his work, Krispel defines painting as a dynamic layer which constantly changes regarding the subject he chooses. His work sways between different worlds and histories that represent his deep interest in the medium of painting itself. His massive series of paintings and drawing eventually unites into an enormous indexed body of works which projects an expressive, vibrant and sensual patina.


Series as Elvis (2008) and Tigers (2013) present images of iconic figures as Elvis Presley, Dionysus, Picasso or David Bowie – all in the favor of their constant change and their reappearance. He regards the canvas as skin, or as face which constantly wears a mask. Other series, such as The Bible, Ghosts, Metamorphosis and Killing Time presents scenes of haunted features, hunting scenes, pornography and catastrophes of human mythologies. These groups of paintings reveal to us forgotten worlds that Krispel re-visits from time to time, and re-ordering them as they invoke in front of him.


Jossef Krispel,  graduated Bezalel Academy of Art and design BFA (2002) MFA (in collaboration with The Hebrew University, 2004) both magna cum laude.

Jossef Krispel
Born in Vardon, Israel, 1974


2002–2004 MFA (Fine-Art), Magna cum Laude, Master Studies in Fine-Art and Photography Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem
In collaboration with The Hebrew University in Jerusalem
2003 [PSS] Glasgow School of Art, Summer Seminar for Outstanding Young Artists GsoA, Glasgow, Scotland
1998–2002 BFA (Fine-Art), Magna cum Laude, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem
2000 Student Exchange Program, Ecole National Des Beaux-Art De Lyon, Lyon, France


Grants and Awards
2012 Minster of Culture Prize
2008 Rappaport Prize for Young Painter, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2006 Lecturer / Bezalel Academy of Art snd Design Jerusalem
2006 Lecturer / Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit-Berl College
2005 Young Artist Prize and Award, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Israel
2004 Cite Culture Residency, Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris, Paris, France
2003 [PSS] – Grant for Outstanding Young Artists, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
2002 Special Achievements Prize and Award, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Broken Screen, Koresh Gallery, Jerusalem
2021 Strange Work, Alma Space of Art, Tel Aviv
2018 Oriental Background, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2017 Monotypes, Har-El Gallery, Tel Aviv
2016 Make Up, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2014 Archive Skin, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2013 Tigers, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2011 Killing Time, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2010 Display, Palazzo Medici Riccardi Museum, Florence, Italy, Curator: Mordechay Omer
2009 Ghosts, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Curator: Mordechay Omer
2007 Elvis, The Artists Studios Gallery, Tel Aviv
2006 Doom Doom Doom, Gordon Gallery of Art, Tel Aviv
2006 I am, Botany, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Curator: Daliah Levin
2006 [As a curator] Encouragable Young and Restless Romantics, Noga Gallery for Contemporary Art
2005 The Garden, Haifa Museum of Art, Curator: Yehudit Mazkel
2005 The Black Album, Gordon Gallery of Art, Tel Aviv


Group Exhibitions
2019 25 Years to Noga gallery of contemporary art, Tel Aviv
2019 New in the collection, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2018 Dionysian life, Ilana Goor Museum, Jaffa
2018 Contemporary Local Print, Jerusalem Print Workshop/ The New Gallery Artist’s Studios Teddy/ Musrara School’s, Jerusalem
2018 Erotic Salon, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2017 Ingathering, group exhibition of the rapport prize winners, Tel Aviv art Museum
2017 Same same but different, From the Haaretz Collection, Minus 1 Gallery, Tel Aviv
2013 The Winners (2013), Ashdod Museum of Art, Curator: Yuval Biton
2012 Good Night, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Curator: Kobi ben Haim
2012 Window to Reality // Israeli Homage’s to Italian Renaissance Art
The Open University Gallery, Raanana,  Curator: Dr. Alec Mishory
2011 Electric Garden, Contemporary Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Naomi Aviv
2011 Lost, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Curator: Avi Sabah
2011 Traces IV, Caught in the Thicket, The Fourth Biennale for Drawing in Israel, Jerusalem; Artist’s House, Curator: Tamar Manor-Freidman
2010 July, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art
2010 Traces IV/ Caught in the Thicket, The Fourth Biennale for Drawing, Jerusalem; Curator: Tamar Manor-Friedman
2010 Lost, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Curators: Avi Sabach and Yanai Segal
2010 Gustav Dore’s Bible in Contemporary Israeli Art, The Tel Aviv University Gallery; Curator: Mordechai Omer
2009 Zulu, The Nachum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv, Curator: Tali Tamir
2009 Now Silence, 39 Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008 Real Time // Art in Israel 1998-2008, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Curators: Amitay Mendelsohn and Efrat Natan
2008 Near and Apparent // Connections and Contexts, A Selection from the Benno Kalev Collection; The Open Museum, Tefen Industrial Park, Curator: Benno Kalev;
2008 Traces III // The Third Biennale for Drawing in Israel,The Jerusalem Print Workshop; Curators: Dalia Manor and Irena Gordon
2008 The White Sport // Myths of Race, Minshar Gallery of Art; Curators: Hanah Froind and Avi Fitshon
2008 Dead End, Rosenfeld Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Curator: Diana Dalal
2008 Click Clack… Homage to the Slide Projector, The Art Gallery, University of Haifa; Curators: Dani Yahav-Brown and Ruti Director
2008 The Absorbed Observer of Israeli Art, Tmuna Theatre Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Maayan Amir
2008 Post Pop, The Israel Cartoon Museum, Holon, Curator: Yuval Caspi
2007 Bread and Pleasures, Omanut Haáretz, Curator: Ory Dessau

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