Chanan De Lange
Chanan De Lange, Secretaries, Mixed media, 200x100/20x200cm, 1990
Chanan De Lange, Dangling Library, Laser cut metal, 300x220x550cm, 2000
Chanan De Lange, Post Library /Open bench, Readymade metal posts, Laminated/plywood and black Formica, 300x40x800cm/40x250x600cm, 2000
Chanan De Lange, Mask Jewel, Aluminum foil gilding, 2000
Chanan De Lange, Instrument Man Installation, Mirror, aluminum rods, television monitors, books, obelisk chair, light bulbs, black paint, brassier shoulder straps, 250x150x600cm, 2005
Chanan De Lange,
Chanan De Lange, Autobiographic Design, installation Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum, 1995
Chanan De Lange, Self Portrait, Mixed media, Beit Haomanim, Jerusalem, 2003
Chanan De Lange, Ex Libris Installation, 300X900X1900cm, Tel Aviv Museum, 2011
Chanan De Lange,
Chanan De Lange, Scale Scraper, Israel Museum Jerusalem, 2007
Chanan De Lange, Rhinos, Mixed media, 40x40x20cm, 2016
Chanan De Lange, Memorabilia 7, Mixed media, 8x8x8cm, 2016
Chanan De Lange, Column no.23, Beech Wood/Rubber Metal, 25x20x140cm, 2015
Chanan De Lange, Column no.2, Beech Wood/ Glass/Metal, 25x20x110cm, 2015
Chanan De Lange, Brief Night, Mixed Media, 120x210cm, 2013-2015
Chanan De Lange, The Library, installation Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum, 1995
Chanan De Lange, Liminal time, Mixed Media, 140x210cm, 2013-2015
Chanan De Lange, Book Cabinets, Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv,1998
Chanan De Lange, Installation, Ozone, Tokyo, Japan, 2002
Chanan De Lange,
Chanan De Lange, white night, mixed media, 260x210cm, 2013-2015

Chanan de Lange


Chanan de Lange is a Dadaist artist, the spirit and freedom of Dada artist is blowing between his works, characterized by a playful and tongue in cheek tone. Marcel Duchamp had said: “I enjoy looking at the bicycle wheel, it has a pleasing and comforting aspect”. De Lange’s pleasure in the creation process, the freedom with which he operates, breathes life, forms relationships, re-creates, creates two and three dimensional works, full of humor, movement, and imagination. The connection between the different elements forms a new syntax that imbues them with fresh, personal and universal meanings.


Professor Chanan de Lange graduated with honors from Bezalel Department of Industrial Design. He has been an active designer since 1985 and a teacher at Bezalel since 1988. He served in the past as head of Bezalel Industrial Design Bachelor’s Degree program and (1992-1995) and Bezalel Industrial Design Master’s Degree program (2006-2007). An associate professor since 2003 and a professor since 2008.


De Lange has had two solo exhibitions at Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2012 and 1994), as well as a solo exhibition at Novalis Gallery in Turin, and Haifa Museum, and his works were featured in many group exhibitions at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, The Tel Aviv University Gallery, The Artists’ Studios, Holon Design Museum and more.

Chanan De Lange

Lives and works in Tel-Aviv, Israel


Solo Exhibitions
2015  “Now the Woods all Black, But still the Sky is Blue” ,Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2011   “Ex Libris”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
2010   “Timbuktu”, Paradigma design gallery, Tel Aviv
2008   “Fragile”, Novalis Fine Arts Gallery, Torino, Italy
2006   “un.cover.light” , Periscope Contemporary Design Gallery, Tel Aviv
2005   “Installation Situation”, Haifa Museum of Art
2005   “Designmai”, Berlin Design Festival, Germany
2002   “Mobile Sessile”, Living Design Center Ozone, Installation, Tokyo, Japan
2000   “Installation Design” with Yaakov Kaufman, Haifa Museum of Art
2000   “Yalla Design”, Gallery Le Bureau Des Esprits, Milano, Italy
1998   “New Works”, Periscope Contemporary Design Gallery, Tel Aviv
1994    “Autobiographical Design”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1990    “Secreteurs”, Ami Steinitz Gallery, Tel Aviv


Group Exhibitions
2019 25 years to noga gallery of contemporary art, tel aviv
2016  “Designer – collection ” Fresh Paint Design”, Contemporary Art & Design Fair, TLV
2015  Award winning exhibition, The Vitrine gallery
2015  After 20 years: Design Rabin’s memory
2013  “Fresh Paint Design”, Contemporary Art & Design Fair, Tel Aviv
2012  Log In Log Out Art Exhibition, Haifa City Museum
2011  “Dream Objects” Sotheby’s gallery, Tel Aviv
2011  Promisedesign 2011 Milano, Paris
2011  “New Olds” The Design Museum of Holon
2010  Denayaday (movables), Paradigma design gallery, Tel Aviv
2007  “Dream Makers: design meets technology”, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2007  “Ten Ants”, (Homage to the Ant Chair – a donation for an auction to benefit the Izzy Shapira Hourse – Arne Jacobzon)
2006  “New design from Israel”, Cooper – Hewitt – National Design Museum, New York
2005  “Beaten Gold”, Israeli Jewelry 3, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2005  “Cf.: Design”, Amidar Center, Jaffa
2005   Promisedesign” – New Design from Israel, Triennale Milano, Berlin, Copenhagen
2004  “Old New – Still Frame”, Haifa Museum of Art
2004  “Prizes in Art and Design”, From the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
2004   Exhibition of acquisitions and donations, Haifa Museum of Art
2004   “Designs Matters” – Contemporary Israeli Design Exhibition, Felissimo Design House, New York
2003  “Israel object: a matter of time”, The Artists House, Jerusalem.
2003   “Combina Complet” Art Focus events, Periscope Contemporary Design Gallery, Tel Aviv
2002   “Chain Reaction”, Israeli Jewelry 2, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2002   “Figurative trends in current Israeli Design”,The Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv
2002   “Israeli Habitat”, Mishkenot Shaananim, Jerusalem
2002    Domains Contemporary Israeli Design, Tokyo, Negoia, Shangai, Japan
2000   “Yalla Design” 3 designers (Chanan de Lange, Tal Gur, and Yaakov Kaufman)
Periscope Contemporary Design Gallery, Tel Aviv
2000   “Is this baby yours?”, Kibbutz Gallery
1999   “Seventy Designers” – in Tribute to Izika Gaon, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1997   “Room for Rent”, Periscope Contemporary Design Gallery
1995   “Section”, Mobile Design Exhibition – the Forum of Museum
1995   “Moderate Physical Pressure”, Ami Steinitz Gallery, Tel Aviv
1993   The Award – Winning Entries of International Furniture Design Competition,
international Furniture Design Fair, Tikyo, Asahikawa, Japan
1991  “The Presence The Absent – The Empty Chair in Israeli Art”, University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University
1990 “Homage to Tel Aviv – Kiosks in the Boulevards”, Tel Aviv Artist Studios, Tel Aviv

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